Your employees, partners and–if applicable–customers expect on-site, on-demand access. Wireless access, once thought of as a perk, is now considered an integral part of your network. From the corner office to the furthest corners of the corporate campus, access must be thoughtfully designed and accommodate only authorized users.

The various mixtures of high-density wireless areas, load balancing traffic and competition for bandwidth make wireless network design a challenge. Antenna placement is every bit as important as the equipment chosen, while bring your own device (BYOD) policies can have negative impacts on a network not designed for the latest devices, technologies and scalability while allowing for the lowest common denominator.

Synapse works with several different wireless vendors and chooses the right technology for each wireless deployment. Using vendor agnostic tools, Synapse can evaluate your current wireless coverage and quickly pinpoint problems and advise on solutions, or they will work with wireless planning tools to calculate optimal access point locations for maximum coverage and density for a brand new deployment.

Securing your wireless network is also a necessity. Depending on your requirements, Synapse can help you segment guest and employee access, or configure granular access based on user account or device and even ensure malware, viruses or malicious attacks are difficult to unleash over wireless.