Virtualization and storage

Today, virtualization technology is mature, stable and mainstream. Synapse has helped many customers upgrade their aging server infrastructures to the much more reliable and fault tolerant virtual clustering technology.

One of the main strengths that makes server virtualization so successful is the concept of shared storage. Before virtualization, physical hardware failures could result in hours or even days of downtime, which for most enterprises is unacceptable. In a virtualized infrastructure, many physical hardware ‘hosts’ run many virtual machines (virtualized servers). All of the data and virtual machines are stored on shared storage, which means that if any one of the hardware hosts fails, the virtual machines are simply and automatically moved to another available host with zero downtime.

Every aspect of a virtualization project needs thorough planning and thoughtful decision-making. Synapse works with our clients to put together the optimal combination of hardware software and design elements that fits each customer’s needs and budget.